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InfinityBox No. 14 ____ Third Eye

Matt Elson Third Eye Infinity Box (No. 14), from the Awakened Vision Series, 2015 Museum Glass, Wood, Screws, Mylar Panels, Acrylic Paint 31” x 37” x 10.5” Lighting by Reid Godshaw "Third Eye” (Infinity Box No. 14) explores the impact of light and pattern on the retina. Get close to the glass and let the color and pattern wash over you. The are many patterns and no beginning or ending. Third Eye is for a single person at a time. Like all of The Infinity Boxes there is no way to accurately convey the experience other than to have it. The Infinity Boxes are part of The Awakened Vision Series - artworks that are physical, experiential and create a new perspective, and an active awareness, of the vision we normally assume. These works, like your life itself, are about play, fun, interaction, aliveness, and conscious awareness.